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Hello and welcome to the Tarot And Tea website. The aim of this site is to promote the services of Tarot And Tea, a London based Tarot Reading Service and the art of Tarot as a therapeutic medium. On this site you will discover details of our services. I also hope to explain a little of what Tarot is, what Tarot is not, how Tarot can be useful in our everyday lives and why this ancient practice remains as valid and relevant now in this modern age of technological wonder as it ever did. I also hope to address some of the more common misconceptions about Tarot that lurk in the public consciousness.

Your Fortune awaits you!
The image of the Tarot reader as the mysterious "Fortune Teller" of old is a somewhat outdated concept in my opinion. The common perception being that Tarot is predictive and tells the future. I strongly believe, as do many other readers, that with each thought, action and choice we are constantly co-creating our own future, the events that occur in our lives being the result of our creative free will and that of the collective consciousness. 

Tarot offers a psychological snapshot of what is happening in the present, the factors that may have led to this point including subconscious blocks, beliefs and self sabotage, likely outcomes based on our current choices and how we can work with what we have towards the universal goals of personal growth and happiness
. The question isn't so much "what will happen to me?" but rather" what inner work and external actions do I need to do in order to achieve my goals? ".

Tarot And Tea Services:

Tea is like Tarot,
A Ritual for Sharing!
 One to One Readings - Personal readings can be a valuable source of guidance and personal development. Readings will be with my self (Melanie Howarth - Founder of Tarot And Tea) or another skilled reader who has been carefully chosen and vetted by me personally. Readings can be in person at a pre-arranged mutually agreed venue or pre-booked and carried out via telephone or Skype.See more info here

If teacups could talk...
Tarot Themed Events - You can arrange for Tarot Readers to feature at your birthday party, hen night, baby shower, corporate or other event. Do you want to add a vintage twist, shabby chic, masquerade ball, mad hatters tea party, holistic healing or some other theme alongside tarot to your event? Lets discuss your needs and ideas and see how Tarot And Tea can help you make it happen! 
Mirror Mirror...
Workshops - Dates, times and venues for planned workshops will be posted here and on the Facebook page.

Training - Would you like to learn to read Tarot and develop your own intuitive skills? From beginner taster sessions to in depth courses we can help.

Through The Looking Glass
The terms of our insurance policy cover require me to include the following disclaimer:

The Tarot services I provide are for entertainment purposes only.

I can understand that the above disclaimer may seem to trivialise or invalidate the wisdom of Tarot or indeed the level of the readers skills in interpreting Tarot but this is not the case.

I think it is important to emphasise that all Tarot readers are human and therefore fallible. Tarot and similar readings are not a science but an art and therefore open to interpretation. No reading (be it Tarot or some other divinatory or intuitive skill) should replace an individual's personal responsibility for the choices they make and the resulting consequences.

Though you may be far away,
There are always two cups at my table
A reading may offer guidance or clarification on your life choices but does not and should not replace your own personal intuition, instincts, judgement or good old fashioned common sense on these matters. Readers do not take responsibility for your decisions and their consequences based on readings given. So I hope you will understand my further need to emphasise the following:

At all times the client remains fully responsible for their actions, decisions and choices and any resulting consequences in connection with any matters referred to or indicated during a reading.

Please be assured that your reading is confidential. The only caveat to this is where there is justifiable concern of the very real possibility of a client causing harm to either themselves or to others or a stated intention to commit a crime.

Within each of us there
is unlimited potential
I would like to have a reading. What do I do?

Tarot Readings are charged at:

£30.00 for a short reading lasting approx. 20 minutes.

£50.00 for a full in-depth reading lasting approx. 40 minutes. 

£70.00 for a 1 or 2 person reading lasting approximately 1 hour.

Please make sure you have read the info on the Readings Page.

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